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"We can't thank you enough for all you did for us for our wedding. The flowers were truly outstanding! You went over and beyond anything we could have hoped for..."
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Although I cater to many types of events, the main focus here at Stargazers is weddings. I feel that I take a unique approach to the planning and design of your wedding flowers. Here are a few reasons why...

Highly Personalized
Highly Personlalized Wedding Floral Design As a highly personalized florist, I am dedicated to making your wedding or event as special and unique as you are. Many bigger florists offer generic "wedding packages" with set prices and arrangements, but I believe that everyone is entitled to their own individual experience. I understand that every ceremony, reception and family situation is different, as well as each person's particular taste. Therefore I take the time to sit down and discuss every detail of your event, from the bride’s bouquet to the flowergirl’s headpiece to the cake decorations. Whatever your vision, whether it is incorporating your favorite flower*, flowers that were used in your mom’s bouquet, or perhaps creating a picture from a magazine that you absolutely fell in love with, I will do my best to make it happen. One of my favorite things to do is to incorporate some personal part of each bride into her flowers - for example the centerpiece pictured here was for two chemists; thus the test tubes! I LOVE creating designs that are unique and personal - whether it’s something whimsical or something elegant. On your special day you deserve your own custom-designed wedding, not some random "wedding package".

*All flowers may not be available at all times, depending on the time of year, but I do my best to find them. Season may however affect the cost of an individual type of flower.

Undivided Attention - Wedding Floral Design Undivided Attention
Another distinctive aspect of Stargazers is that there is no shop or storefront. I work out of a self-built workshop in my home in Denville, NJ. Therefore there are no interruptions during our consultation or when I am working on your event; you receive my undivided attention. There is nothing worse in my opinion than trying to sit down and discuss your flowers and having constant interruptions - phone calls, people walking in, etc. I come to you, wherever you wish to meet, carrying pictures, magazines, floral books, and my own portfolio of work. We can sit and discuss your wedding or event in the comfort of your own living room!

Dedication to Quality
Dedication to Quality - Wedding Floral Design One of the most critical things that I have learned over the years is the importance of conditioning and caring for the flowers before they are placed into your bouquet or centerpiece. I take great pride in my work, and I make sure that only the freshest and highest quality flowers are ever used. In addition, I take great strides to ensure the longevity of your arrangements, sometimes working well into the wee morning hours the night before an event to make sure that everything is as fresh as possible. Freshness is also ensured by the fact that I order for one event at a time and only for that specific event. You will never receive flowers that are left over from another job - they are always picked up and cut fresh for your arrangements. I do everything within my power to guarantee that your flowers will last well beyond your event. I also pride myself on my attention to detail, promising arrangements that will be full, beautiful and unique.

Versatile Wedding Floral Design Versatility
Once again, every situation is different - every family, every location. Many situations require special needs. I do my best to address any issues or unusual requests with a creative and open mind. I once had a bride who only had $200 to spend on her flowers. With a little imagination and resourcefulness we were able to come up with a beautiful idea and remain within her budget. I had a mother of the bride who was allergic to flowers, so I designed a silk corsage for her to wear. I even designed a silk bouquet to travel across the country for a bride who was getting married in California. I am more than happy to work with you, no matter what your situation, and will do my best to accommodate your needs.